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Fanny Hensel: The Other Mendelssohn

Granddaughter of the thinker Moses Mendelssohn and sister of the composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Fanny Hensel (1805-1847) used to be a unprecedented musician who left good over 400 compositions, so much of which fell into oblivion until eventually their rediscovery past due within the 20th century. In Fanny Hensel: the opposite Mendelssohn, R.

Mrs. Ziegfeld: The Public and Private Lives of Billie Burke

Broadway actress Billie Burke used to be some of the most wanted younger level beauties of her time, stealing the hearts of Enrico Caruso, Mark Twain, and, most significantly, famed Broadway manufacturer Florenz Ziegfeld, who grew to become her husband. Following Ziegfeld's dying, the threats of economic destroy and encroaching age compelled Burke to recreate herself as a Hollywood personality actress.

Laud Humphreys: Prophet of Homosexuality and Sociology

Laud Humphreys (1930–1988) used to be a pioneering and fearless sociologist, an Episcopal priest, and a civil rights, homosexual, and antiwar activist. In graduate college through the past due Sixties, he performed large fieldwork in public restrooms in a St. Louis urban park to find styles of impersonal intercourse between males.

The Last Empress: The She-Dragon of China

In 1851, a sixteen-year-old lady named Yehonala entered the Imperial Palace of China as a concubine 3rd grade, abandoning her relatives, the affection of her existence, and approximately all touch with the surface international. She emerged as Tsu Hsi, Dowager Empress of China and essentially the most robust autocrats in historical past.

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Joe had been a regular customer since he was eight years old, and he suspected that Sam had been operating the store at a loss for years. Sam, however, was still quite active designing spectacular stage illusions for world-renowned magicians, and his shop was an indulgence he could well afford. It was located only a few blocks from police headquarters, and Joe still stopped by the store at least twice a week. ” “The window is too small. ” Sam shook his head. “If you figure this one out, let me know.

It was starting all over again. Just like the other nights. He knew it was a dream, but he couldn't wake himself up. Wake up, he told himself. Wake up. No use. This dream might never end. Not until it killed him. Maybe tonight was the night he'd learn to believe in magic. Not damned likely, Joe Bailey thought. Over the years, he'd received too many calls that promised something extraordinary but never actually delivered. Why would tonight be any different? He unbuttoned his overcoat as he climbed the polished granite front stairs of a mansion on Habersham Drive.

It was recess time at Lackey Hills Elementary School, and Jesse was once again playing by himself. Even though he never did his tricks for the other kids, they had heard about him from their parents and teachers. The word got out that he was someone to be afraid of, and one by one his friends withdrew, closing him out of their fourth-grade cliques. Fine. He didn't need ‘em. One day soon he'd buy a nice house like he and Mama had always wanted. Then he'd have friends in his new neighborhood, and maybe Daddy would even want to come back to live with them.

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