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By Charles Bukowski

Making a bet at the Muse is a mixture of hilarious poetry and tales. Charles Bukowski writes in regards to the actual lifetime of a operating guy and all that incorporates it.

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"In strains that ring a bell in me of ways William Carlos Williams insisted that purely the mind's eye offers us entry to fact, Lasky's poems evoke a tradition of residing, as bloody and lousy and gorgeous as dwelling can ever be. "—Julia Bloch, Bitch

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It sings still deeper, conjures by its spell Eurydice, the alley cat of Hell. “Meow, meow, Eurydice’s not dead. ” Too late, it was too late he fell. The sounds of singing and the sounds of Hell Become a swarm of angry orange flies And naked Orpheus, moon-shriveled, dies And rises leaving lost Eurydice. His heart falling upward towards humanity Howling and half-awake. 17 Spicer: My Vocabulary Did This to Me Part IV: Waking Heart wakes Twists like a cat on hot bricks Beating off sunlight. Now the heart slinks back to the blood And the day starts.

Most things happen in twilight When the earth dances And God is blind as a gigantic bat. The boys above the swimming pool receive the sun. Their groins are pressed against the warm cement. They look as if they dream. As if their bodies dream. Rescue their bodies from the poisoned sun, Shelter the dreamers. They’re like lobsters now Hot red and private as they dream. They dream about themselves. They dream of dreams about themselves. They dream they dream of dreams about themselves. Splash them with twilight like a wet bat.

A bird in time is worth of two in any bush. You can melt brush like wax; and birds in time Can sing. They call me bird-girl, parrot girl and worth The time of any bird; my vault a cage, My cage a song, my song a seal, And I can steal an unburnt lock of hair To weave a window there. 5 Spicer: My Vocabulary Did This to Me HOMOSEXUALITY Roses that wear roses Enjoy mirrors. Roses that wear roses must enjoy The flowers they are worn by. Roses that wear roses are dying With a mirror behind them. None of us are younger but the roses Are dying.

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