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Fanny Hensel: The Other Mendelssohn

Granddaughter of the thinker Moses Mendelssohn and sister of the composer Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy, Fanny Hensel (1805-1847) used to be a unprecedented musician who left good over 400 compositions, so much of which fell into oblivion till their rediscovery past due within the 20th century. In Fanny Hensel: the opposite Mendelssohn, R.

Mrs. Ziegfeld: The Public and Private Lives of Billie Burke

Broadway actress Billie Burke was once essentially the most wanted younger level beauties of her time, stealing the hearts of Enrico Caruso, Mark Twain, and, most significantly, famed Broadway manufacturer Florenz Ziegfeld, who turned her husband. Following Ziegfeld's dying, the threats of economic damage and encroaching age pressured Burke to recreate herself as a Hollywood personality actress.

Laud Humphreys: Prophet of Homosexuality and Sociology

Laud Humphreys (1930–1988) was once a pioneering and fearless sociologist, an Episcopal priest, and a civil rights, homosexual, and antiwar activist. In graduate university throughout the past due Sixties, he performed vast fieldwork in public restrooms in a St. Louis urban park to find styles of impersonal intercourse between males.

The Last Empress: The She-Dragon of China

In 1851, a sixteen-year-old lady named Yehonala entered the Imperial Palace of China as a concubine 3rd grade, forsaking her kinfolk, the affection of her lifestyles, and approximately all touch with the surface international. She emerged as Tsu Hsi, Dowager Empress of China and the most strong autocrats in historical past.

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Marx was chagrined at Lenchen’s condition, not on moral scruples, but rather because he felt it might be construed as his having taken advantage of a proletarian. ” Thankfully for Marx, Comrade Friedrich Engels obligingly claimed paternity and the boy, christened Freddy Demuth, was adopted by a working-class family. Engels did this both to save the Marxes’ marriage and because the news would have provided lethal ammunition to Marx’s enemies. When Jenny returned, she commiserated with Lenchen and admonished Engels.

Gandhi, who donned philosophies for a midlife crisis as other men did cars, adopted a belief in aparigraha (nonpossessiveness) and determined his wife and sons engage in communal living. He established the Phoenix settlement, situated in the midst of miles of sugar cane. ” To promote his view of simplicity, Gandhi bought shears to cut hair and studied a childbirth manual so he would be able to deliver any subsequent babies. However, the latter never occurred because of his next philosophy, brahmacharya, sexual abstinence.

Denied a vegetarian diet in the labor camp, she resorted to a fast; General Smuts, avid adherent of white minority rule, not wanting her to die as a martyr, ultimately conceded. ” The same sentiment was felt by Mrs. Mahatma. After establishing a spiritual retreat, his famous ashram (where he slept naked beside similarly undressed young girls to prove his power over preserving his vital fluids), he set about trying to right the wrongs imposed by the British Raj, which used his country to line England’s coffers.

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