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The F-16 scuffling with Falcon, another way known as the Viper through those who fly it, is the workhorse of the us Air strength and plenty of of her allies world wide. thus far, greater than 4,000 Vipers have rolled off the construction line in a number of guises. The Vipers outstanding strive against list comprises either Gulf conflicts and the battle within the Balkans….

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Elefant Panzerjager Tiger (P)

Elefant is the typical identify of a German tank destroyer of worldwide warfare II. The reputable German designation used to be Panzerjäger Tiger (P). The ordnance stock designation was once Sd. Kfz. 184. The Elefant (German elephant) used to be a Schwerer Panzerjäger (heavy tank destroyer) of the German Wehrmacht, first and foremost equipped below the extra identify Ferdinand, after their dressmaker Ferdinand Porsche, prior to it was once replaced to Elefant.

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Keep flying level until you can see down the center of the runway. When you are aligned with the runway, turn toward it until you are flying along the centerline. You can press L to take a closer look at your alignment. Don't forget to press L again to return to normal view before continuing the approach. 9. When the runway threshold (the close end of the runway) reaches 3° down in the HUD, extend the speed brakes by pressing B and place the flight path marker on the runway threshold. The runway threshold is the dark area at the close end of the runway.

The INS uses a laser gyroscope to determine where the aircraft is at all times. The pilot can then put steerpoints into the ILS pattern system and get steering to those destinations in the HUD and HSI. The HSI displays this information in the same way that it displays TACAN data. ILS data can also be displayed on the HSI. The ILS is used for precise azimuth and glide slope steering to the runway during night or adverse weather. The ILS signal radiates from a series of antennas located near the runway.

7. Again, while you are slowing down, be sure to keep the flight path marker on the level line, 0° of pitch, as shown in Figure 9-3. 0 Allied Force 8. As you look out on the horizon, you will see two wide strips and at least one narrow one. The wide strips are the two parallel runways, while the narrow strips are the taxiways. If you are on the left side of the runway, gently bank right until the runway is aligned below the airspeed tape on your HUD. If you are lined up too far to the right of the runways, turn to put the runways under your altitude tape on the HUD.

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