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By Leslie Noyes Mass

In 1962, a newly-minted university graduate responded the decision of President John F. Kennedy and joined the fledgling Peace Corps. Leslie Noyes Mass used to be assigned to Pakistan and given the directive to begin a program-any form of academic application she may muster-in a small Muslim village the place she used to be the one Westerner and the single Peace Corps volunteer. After a 12 months, she left the village, annoyed and feeling that she had made no influence in any respect.

Nearly 50 years later, she back to find a much-changed Pakistan-and a village that also recalls her. She tells either her tales, from 1962 and this present day, via deftly interweaving her magazine entries from 50 years in the past together with her present day tale as a volunteer education lady lecturers for a Pakistani non-governmental establishment. Leslie Mass captures the center and the eye of the reader together with her tale of Pakistanis in 1962 and people of a brand new new release who're engaged in construction a sustainable schooling process for his or her country's forgotten kids. In a sequence of interviews with Pakistanis from each social type and academic point, Dr. Mass supplies voice to people who are taking accountability for his or her country's academic difficulties and fixing those difficulties in the traditions, tradition, and non secular realizing in their humans.
Back to Pakistan: A Fifty-Year Journey is a compelling check out a rustic because it is going from its infancy into the twenty first century.

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A shopping expedition from the village in the 1960s could take up to a week, with return visits to the tailor by repeated tonga and bus rides along city streets crowded with animals, bicycles, taxis, pedestrians, and ox-drawn vehicles and many unexpected delays. On this day in 2009, Uzma’s driver takes us to three separate shopping areas in Karachi, along divided highways streaming with motorized traffic. I stare at private cars, small business vans with Arabic and Chinese lettering, colorfully painted buses crammed with passengers, riotously decorated trucks carrying goods from all over the country, and motorcycles with entire families perched atop them.

Jerry, his sister Envir, and their mother, Bivi-gee, would become good friends and our surrogate family in the months to come. They were the first family, outside of Rana’s compound, to accept us and include us in their everyday lives. Within weeks of the loneliness I had experienced in the Union Council office and the despair in Peshawar, I had acquired my own home in the village and my own male family to help me gain the confidence of the village men and women. Could a social center for the women and girls be far behind, I remember wondering?

By this time, my Punjabi was fluent enough to understand, and respond to, the many questions the village women had about the couple. If they were engaged, Envir and Bivi-gee wondered, why were they allowed to be together before the wedding? Envir was engaged to her cousin and would be married within a few months, but she had not been allowed to be in the same room with her betrothed or even to be seen by him since their parents had arranged the nuptials. And how was it possible for Carol to be in the same house as Bill and Dick in the evening when we had meals together?

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