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By D. Feron

This ebook provides up to date perspectives of marine corrosion of stainless steels and covers the fields of fabrics choice, trying out and event, and safety and tracking.

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It is a well known fact that when stainless steels fail in sea water service, it is usually due to crevice corrosion, either in connection with flange joints or at crevice-like geometric surface defects. Therefore, crevice corrosion testing of the selected stainless steels was a n important part of the programme for evaluation of differences in sea water corrosivity. 2. Experimental and Results The stainless steels selected for the testing were UNS S31600, UNS NO8904 and UNS S31254. Test specimens were used with the cold rolled surface, but the specimens *Theparticipating laboratories,locationsof the test sites and scope of the overall test programs are described by Fischer et al.

The span for the North Sea CPTs is 28-34°C (labs No. 5-8) and this covers the CPTs of all other waters, the Baltic Sea water included. It should be borne in mind that the CPT determined in IMsodium chloride was 29°C in the first test and 31°C one year later. The variations observed are thus almost within the reproducibility of the test method. Qvarfort [5] observed that the CPT of the superaustenitic steel 254 SMO is about the same in IMand 5~ sodium chloride solutions. 6~ (3000-20 000 ppm). On the other hand, it is well known that the pitting potential increases when the chloride concentration decreases.

U p to 50% ofspecimens corroded Norway, Sandefjord The Netherlands Poland Croatia Norway, Trondheim Group 3. More than 50% of specimens corroded I Denmark I France, CEA I The Netherlands Denmark France, CEA I I I Croatia Norway, Trondheim that people have learned from the experience from the first period. Silicone rubber and cured epoxy are likely to be unsafe, although the mode and care in connection with the application may play an important role. Other variations seem to exist in the reproducibilty of the crevice formation.

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