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By David Vigorito

The King's Indian is still a highly renowned starting in any respect degrees of chess - unsurprising given the attacking possibilities it bargains. in lots of of the ultra-sharp major traces, each side can struggle for the initiative. White often wins the queenside conflict yet this frequently seems to be a Pyrrhic victory as Black wins the battle by way of checkmating at the kingside! Black is searching the enemy king and this offers him a mental aspect in functional play. the following David Vigorito offers an competitive repertoire for Black according to the most strains. Vigorito is well known for his recognition to aspect and creativity, and his repertoire is stuffed with cutting edge rules. What's extra, his lucid factors of the foremost plans and strategies will profit all gamers. quantity 2 of his paintings offers with the 4 Pawns assault, the Fianchetto version, the Averbakh version and plenty of different strains. Attacking Chess is a chain of establishing repertoire books which specialise in conventional attacking openings, in addition to artistic and forceful how you can play openings that aren't constantly linked to attacking chess. It offers bold repertoires designed for gamers of all degrees. *A King's Indian repertoire for Black *Packed with unique principles and demanding research *Written by way of a unique starting professional

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Lbbd3 16 lbf7 'ife8 17 lbh6+ 'iti>h8 18 lLlf7+ J::txf7! J:Us!? Piket, Wijk aan Zee 1985. lLld7 Instead of going into an endgame, Black is ready for complications. White has two main tries for an advantage: Instead 11 lbgs? wins a piece, but it is poorly timed. dxe5 12 52 Now Black is committed to a piece sacrifice which he can make in various ways. lbdxes is almost cer­ tainly wrong, as after 13 dxes lbxes 14 lZ:lf3 lbxf3+ 15 'iixf3 b4 16 lbe4 dS? cs is better but still looks insuffi- Pa n n o Va ria tio n : 7 lt:\ c3 a 6 8 h 3 I:.

P a n n o Va ria tio n : 7 tt:J c 3 a 6 8 h 3 I:! b B 9 e4 b2) The positional approach 15 lbce2! is best. Kosanovic, Belgrade 1988. e5! 16 dxe6 c5 when 17 b4!? ltb7 is fairly level. b1 i.. b7 With unclear play and tests required. tt:Jces 13 t£Jd4 White cannot be satisfied with 13 t£Jg5?! tt:Jc5 or 13 cxb5 tt:Jxf3+! xf3 when both 14... g2 axb5 favour Black. �e8?! xa6 17 b5 gives White a clear advantage. bxc4!? 'it>xg7 16 1i'd4 'it>g8 17 f4 t2Jd3 is un­ clear. l:xb2! ixb2 t£J7c5 is a shocking rook sacrifice, but White has trouble holding on to the material: for example, 18 'ii'c2 tt:Jxb2 19 'ii'xb2 t£Ja4.

Nunn, Brighton 1983. f3 with some advantage. f3 looks good for White. He is not threatening to take on h5 just yet be­ cause of ... xe4, but Black has no con­ structive moves. l:txb2! ) 20 ... d4+ 21 �h2 "ifih4 and White is busted. xb2 21 "W/xb2 lDf6 22 g1 lDh 5 and Black stands well. l:tb4!? g4!? is rather annoying for White. xe4! wins for Black. xb1 (or even 18 ... xc4!? e8 and it could be useful for Black to have weakened the b3-square. xa1 Black is equal according to Bologan. d4+ (21 ...

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