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By Tim Flannery, Peter Schouten

Luxurious birds of paradise, striking delicate shell turtles, frogs that appear like tomatoes, and terrifying fish (including the deep-water angler fish from discovering Nemo) are only a number of the outstanding creatures that may be present in Tim Flannery and Peter Schouten’s new e-book superb Animals.

Superbly illustrated in life like complete colour work, impressive Animals information 90 of the world’s so much awesome animals from all over the world. during this e-book you will discover the furry Seadevil, the staggering Sulawesi bare Bat, and within the depths of the limestone caves in Slovenia, the Olm, a crimson, four-legged, sightless salamander that lives for 100 years. In attention-grabbing vignettes, Flannery deals the genuine evolutionary story of ways each one of those strange creatures got here to seem the way in which they do. along each one historic account is a beautiful hand painted colour replica (life-size within the unique portray) by way of Schouten.

Filled with purple-faced apes, jagged toothed dolphins, antlered lizards, excellent Animals is a extraordinary choice of the world’s such a lot fabulous creatures and the tales at the back of their striking survival right into a glossy age.

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