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By John, Kate Meany Shuster

The textual content is designed to supply a beginning for powerful participation in educational parliamentary debate pageant. It explores modern parliamentary debate codecs, examines argument anticipation, development and extension, case improvement, severe refutation of given assumptions and information, and persuasive conversing. The textual content comprises pattern arguments, debate strategies, and perform routines.

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You actually have many possible lines of argument at your disposal. You might argue that the Holocaust shouldn’t be removed from the category of genocide and condemned in an individual way. You could say that this creates a special status for the Holocaust, and that the Holocaust shouldn’t necessarily have a special status, even in the confines of World War II (during which at least 75 million died), nor among other genocides in history in which tens of millions were killed. The danger here is the exclusion of other genocides in order to focus on the Holocaust.

All ideas are subject to challenge. It is extraordinarily doubtful that literalism exists, and, if it does, it would seem to be of limited application. Is it the case, for example, that debaters share the knowledge base, worldview, identity and cultural history to have a singular and exclusive understanding of the terms of a motion? Literal understandings are more likely to be the ego projections of the judge or the opposing side in a debate. ) Parametric interpretations are nothing other than samples of literalism – parametrics is literalism writ larger and softer (perhaps “flabbier” is the more accurate description).

The debater selects a motion for interpretation. ) She is given two minutes to imagine and outline an interpretation of the motion. She has one minute to make a verbal presentation of the motion. This exercise is repeated four or five times, with criticism from the audience regarding the following: Is the interpretation convincing for a debate judge and why? Has the speaker interpreted the motion to successfully restrict argument possibilities for the opposition? What foundation is there for replies to opposition arguments about truism and specific knowledge?

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