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By William Sutcliffe

It is a devastatingly humorous satire mainly concept of pupil trip, and especially the India back-pack path. Dave travels to India with Liz simply because he thinks he could possibly get her into mattress. Liz travels to India with Dave simply because she wishes a better half for her voyage of religious discovery. She loves it. He desires of frosty mornings, pints of lager and eating places the place vegetable curry is simply a side-dish...

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O K . I'm sorry. ' 88 Fortunately, she doesn't notice that I'm being sarcastic. T w o d a y s later, J e r e m y tried to organize a day-trip. H e told everyone in the hotel that there w a s a holy cave inhabited by S a d h u s half-way up a nearby m o u n t a i n , a n d that anyone The real India w h o wanted to g o should meet on the v e r a n d a first thing the following morning. I w a s initially a g a i n s t the idea, just b e c a u s e it c a m e from J e r e m y . H o w e v e r , it w a s such a long time since I'd done anything active that the prospect of a long w a l k actually felt quite inviting.

I h a d never seen anything She smiled at me. impressive. 'I've been — you k n o w — behaving like a bit of an arsehole. Everything's just freaked m e out,' I said. 'It's O K . ' so Yes - at last - I w a s pleased to be in India. I could feel the knot of tension in my s t o m a c h beginning to loosen. Paul a n d J a m e s h a d been right a b o u t travel, after all. T h i s w a s an a m a z i n g experience. A n d the d o p e really w a s cheap. ' I said, eventually. ' her knickers on. She blinked at me, slowly.

I balanced the tray on Liz's- moans. At the side of her b a c k , I could feel the bulge of her tits. T h e y were right there, uncovered, pressed into the sheet. A n d I w a s right there with them. clock-radio, a n d got into bed with her. She w a s still half; asleep, but h a d s o m e h o w conveniently put her T-shirt on, 1 T o g e t h e r we c h o m p e d through our cereal a n d t o a s t like After a while, I m o v e d d o w n a n d started on her legs. O n t w o g o o d m a t e s w h o just h a p p e n e d to be having a com­ the w a y p a s t , I noticed that all she w a s w e a r i n g w a s a pair p a n i o n a b l e b r e a k f a s t on the s a m e m a t t r e s s .

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