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By Edward Timms

How was once it attainable for a well-educated kingdom to help a regime that made it against the law to imagine for your self? This was once the major query for the Stuttgart-based writer Anna Haag (1888–1982), the democratic feminist whose anti-Nazi diaries are analysed during this e-book. Like Victor Klemperer, she deconstructed German political propaganda daily, giving her critique a gendered concentration by means of hard the ethos of masculinity that sustained the Nazi regime. This pioneering examine translates her diaries, secretly written in twenty notebooks now preserved on the Stuttgart urban Archive, as a desirable resource for the research of daily life within the 3rd Reich. the outlet sections comic strip the paradigms that formed Haag’s creativity, analysing the effect of the 1st international struggle and the feminist and pacifist commitments that stimulated her literary and journalistic writings. large quotations from the diaries are supplied, with English translations, to demonstrate her responses to the cataclysms that the increase of Hitler, from the army conquests and Jewish deportations to the devastation of strategic bombing. The ebook concludes with a bankruptcy that strains the hyperlinks among Haag’s critique of army tyranny and her contribution to post-war reconstruction.

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28 Chapter 2 Although this altruistic patriotism was widely shared, there were significant regional variations. The mood in Württemberg was less nationalistic than in Prussia with loyalty divided between Kaiser Wilhelm II, as Head of the German Reich, and the King of Württemberg, also named Wilhelm II, who was more liberal in outlook. Swabian regiments were engaged on both fronts and Anna Haag, still mourning her brother’s death, was well aware of the dangers. What a relief when in summer 1916 Albert was released from the army!

But Haag’s narrative expresses strong sympathy for Richard who, despite being the dark-skinned illegitimate son of a blond German woman and shady Hungarian artist, is being raised by the warm-hearted Renate. Indeed, the novel comes down firmly on the side of nurture, at least where the mothers are concerned. Maternal love may not be able to alter genetic traits, but in this novel it guides both boys towards emotional maturity. By contrast, the adult males seem rather feckless. Weller is gifted but insanely jealous, Murgowski charming but socially irresponsible, and there is little to admire about the sundry doctors, teachers, journalists, judges and other male professionals who play minor roles.

Lines by Eduard Mörike lamenting the limits of mutual understanding flash across Anna’s mind, as she realizes that the tension between her emotional temperament and Albert’s austere rationality will require profound adjustments. 16 The work at the Pädagogium proved so exhausting that they were eager to move on, applying for a more advantageous position at the municipal school in Treptow an der Rega, a flourishing town near the Baltic Sea in West Pomerania. The photograph enclosed with Albrecht’s application shows the young couple proudly side-by-side, as partners in a joint educational enterprise (see Figure 1).

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