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Getting began -- Designing a sucessful program -- checking out -- Inter-/Intra-Process conversation -- content material companies -- pictures -- Graphical consumer interface -- GUI signals: menus, dialogs, toasts, and notifications -- GUI : listview -- Multimedia -- facts patience -- cellphone purposes -- Networked purposes -- Gaming and animation -- Social networking -- position and map purposes -- Accelerometer -- Bluetooth -- procedure and gadget keep watch over -- different programming languages and frameworks -- Strings and internationalization -- Packaging, deploying, and distributing/selling your app

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XXX Discuss other actions such as ACTION_OPEN However, if things fail, the user will not see anything. Why not? We basically told Android that we don't care whether the intent succeeds or fails. To get feedback, we have to call startActivityForResult: Example 1-7. startActivityForResult(intent, requestCode); The requestCode is an arbitrary number used to keep track of multiple Intent requests; you should generally pick a unique number for each Intent you start, and keep track of these numbers to track the results later (if you only have one Intent whose results you care about, just use the number '1').

This is much easier, since the presentation is designed for the Android. Chose a category, scroll through it, and chose an app to install. com that many Android users are disappointed to find that many cell phone providers do NOT include the app store in their Android cell phone offering, and unless you're comfortable rooting and flashing your Android phone there's no way to get it. Most consumers are NOT comfortable rooting and flashing their phones and for them SlideMe offers an alternative way to find free and inexpensive apps for their phones.

Attach a OnClickListener to allow the email to be sent when the user clicks the Email button. 10 Sending an email with attachments Marco Dinacci Problem You want to send an e-mail with attachments. 38 | Chapter 1: Getting Started Solution We're going to create an Intent, add extended data to specify the file we want to include and start a new activity to allow the user to send the e-mail. Discussion The easiest way to send an e-mail is to create an Intent of type ACTION_SEND. Example 1-13. EXTRA_TEXT, "Mail with an attachment"); To attach a single file, we add some extended data to our intent: Example 1-14.

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