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By Vincent Di Marino

This eagerly awaited e-book deals a different, finished clinical learn of the anatomy of the organ of lady sexual excitement. The authors use macroscopic and microscopic learn to steer the reader from the glans, the seen a part of the clitoris, the place they discover the striking sensory corpuscles, to the hidden roots of the bulbo-clitoral organ. They express its complexity, its unique position in the exterior genitalia and its intimate dating with the urethro-vaginal pyramid.

They additionally remind us that all through heritage there was a failure to appreciate this organ and clarify that this false impression is still the reason for continual excisions, legal mutilating practices that experience no longer but been eradicated.

Using huge iconography, they reveal all through this booklet that the bulbo-clitoral organ is a phenomenal typical treasure that each girl possesses and that each guy may still understand well.

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Consulting the recent French dictionaries shows that the current definition of the word clitoris has not really progressed. So in the Larousse dictionaries 201321 (Petit Larousse, Larousse de la Langue Française), “Le clitoris: Petit organe érectile situé à la partie supérieure de la vulve” (The clitoris: small erectile organ located in the upper part beyond vulva). However, the erectile nature of the clitoris is henceforth mentioned. In the Hachette dictionary 2013,22 same definition as in Larousse dictionary.

34 4 a External Morphology of the Clitoris b g h h h h g lm lm lm lm V Fig. 9 Two examples of “crassiforme” hoods. (a) On the left: the glans, apparent, is flattened laterally. It seems that there is a single frenulum getting lost in a sort of ventral commissure of the labia minora. The top of the vestibule is visible (labia minora moved away).

The bilberry)4 or hypodermis (the organ which is under the skin). However, all the terms, which we have just seen, slowly disappeared and only two names remained, one for the Latin world, landica, and the other for the Greek world, clitoris. 1 Landica The First Names One of the first names was the woman’s penis (adopted by Latin scientists: virga vel penis muliebris). 2 Aristotle, for his part, called it “coles feminarum” (quotation from A. Portal). e. penis. Albucasis, closer to physiology, was to call it “tentigo” (which is placed under tension) but also “softness of love”, a term that Colombo was going to reuse and claim as his own a few centuries later.

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