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A great a advisor for those that have simply started to write manuscripts for e-book in peer-reviewed journals.

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Washington, DC 20036. Genetics. Bacterial. , Adelberg, E. , Clark, A. J. Hartman P. E. (1966) Genetics 54, 61-76. Human. Klinger, H. , ed. (1993) Genome Priority Reports (Karger, Basel), Vol. 1. Mouse. Plant. Commission on Plant Gene Nomenclature (1994) Plant Mol. Biol. Rep. 12, Suppl. 2. Other. O’Brien, S . , ed. (1993) Genetic Maps: Locus Maps of Complex Genomes. Cold Spring Harbor Lab. Press, Plainview, NY), 6th Ed. Immunology. For human immunoglobulins and their genetic factors, the rules of the World Health Organization [or the Council of Biology Edjtors Style Mama[].

3 Paragraph Stmcture In its simplest form, a lucid paragraph contains a topic sentence and clearly related supporting sentences. The topic sentence contains the main point or idea of the paragraph, while supporting sentences provide detail or ancillary information. Each paragraph should be organized for continuity. That is, a smooth flow of ideas should be maintained, not only from sentence to sentence, but from paragraph to paragraph as well. Less experienced authors tend to format each paragraph identically, making the first sentence a summary statement, with subsequent sentences providing the detail.

So on. These are easily recognized as not being part of the family name. In China, Japan, and many other countries, the traditional style is to list the family name first, followed by the given names. If the name is Westernized, as it often is by authors writing in English, the order is reversed. TRADITIONAL Qi Zixian Samejima Tatsuya Shen Lu-ping Yang Li WESTERNIZED Zixian Qi Tatsuya Samejima Lu-ping Shen Li Yang Most Chinese have a one-character family name and a one- or two-character given name.

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