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By De Padmasiri Silva

An advent to Buddhist Psychology is a lucid, intelligible, and genuine advent to the principles of Buddhist psychology. It offers accomplished insurance of the elemental thoughts and matters within the psychology of Buddhism, and hence it offers with the character of mental inquiry, innovations of the brain, awareness and behaviour, motivation, feelings and percentile, and the healing constitution of Buddhist psychology. For the 3rd version, a brand new bankruptcy at the mind-body dating and Buddhist contextualism has been additional.

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And , finally, the five aggregates (khandluJ ) ha ve their own form of built- in anxiety. Inability to face the inner vacu ity of the so-called ego results in flight from a nxiety . w The love ofsolitude a nd the wa y ofsilence advocated by the Buddha is a nathema to large num bers of people who live in the 'lonely crowd'! The Buddha tra ces this predilection of the 'a nxious ma n' to his inab ility to grasp the basic tr uth of egolessness, which is the key to und erstanding any form of anxiety, T he belief in ' I' and 'mine', though it gives a superficial feeling of security, is the ca use of anx iety, fear and WOITy.

In the psychology of the west , some , like M cDougal , have in troduced a la rge n um ber of di fferent instincts to accou nt far diverse types of activi ty. O thers, like Freud, suggest two or three basi c instincts to explain the varied manifestati ons of behaviour . w In this sect ion, we shall di scuss the nature of sexual ity and sensua lity, the manifestations of th e instinct of self-p reserva tion and the na ture of aggress ion as found in the psychology of Budd hism. Sexuality T he concept of KamlJ-1Qf}M has a very broad usage whi ch goes beyo nd mere 'sexua lity' as such; it is basically the cravi ng for 'sensuous gratification' ra ther tha n 'sexua l gratification ' .

T he doctrine of the Buddha is compared to a lion's roar. In the forest, when the lesser crea tures hear the roa r of the king of the beasts, they tremble. In the same way, when the devas, who are long-lived and blissful, hear the doctrin e of conditio ned origina tion they tremble, bu t they yet understa nd the Buddha's doctrine of impermanence. luga is kindled in a person, he sticks 10 the doctrin e with more ea rnestness. F~Qr and Emotional Amb;vauntt: Fear is something which by its very na tu re entails 'a voida nce', but there is a stra nge phenomenon which ma y be described as 'fli rting with fear '.

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