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By Clara Dillingham Pierson

Introduces teenagers to the animals of the farmyard via a sequence of enticing tales in regards to the sheep, chickens, cows, and horses that dwell there. With new animals arriving usually, we make the acquaintance additionally of a pig and a peacock, in addition to a few geese and guinea fowls. each one tale closes with a gradual ethical, inspiring kids to correct habit. beautiful black and white illustrations supplement the textual content. appropriate for a while five and up.

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She was a gentle little two-year-old whom everybody loved. She was full of fun and was the gayest possible companion in the meadow, yet when the older Horses gave her advice, she always listened and obeyed. The Bay Colt was very fond of his cousin, but he did like to tease her, and once in the fall, before they came to stay in the barn, he called her a "goody-goody" because she wouldn't jump the fence and run away with him. He said she wouldn't do such things because she didn't know what fun was.

And he darted away. The young Doves came pattering back, swaying their heads as they walked. " they cried. "What made him go away? Right at the best part of the story, too. We don't see why folks are so disagreeable. " "Hush," said their mother. "You mustn't talk in that way. " When they were gone, she said to her husband, "I wonder if they did hurt the Swallow's feelings? " She forgot that even Squabs should be thoughtful of others, and that no Dove ever amounts to anything unless he begins in the right way as a Squab.

The Workers, however, know that something might happen to their old Queen Mother, so, after she has gone away, they sometimes go into a cell where she has laid a worker egg, and take down the waxen walls between it and the ones on either side to make a very large royal cell. They bite away the wax with their strong jaws and press the rough edges into shape with their feet. When this egg hatches, they do not feed the baby, or Larva, with tasteless bread made of flower-dust, honey, and water, as they would if they intended it to grow up a Worker or a Drone.

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