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La poule, l'aviculture et le developpement : Science et technique de base

Partant d'une description anatomique et physiologique de los angeles poule en vue d'une meilleure exploitation de ses potentialités, l'auteur fait une description scientifique de l'étiologie, de los angeles pathogénie, de l. a. symptomatologie, des moyens curatifs et prophylactiques pour venir à bout des maladies parasitaires, bactériennes, virales et carentielles qui touchent l'animal.

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Meals protection is an more and more vital factor. various meals crises have happened across the world lately (the use of the dye Sudan purple I; the presence of acrylamide in a number of fried and baked meals; mislabelled or unlabelled genetically transformed meals; and the outbreak of version Creutzfeldt-Jakob disorder) originating in either basic agricultural construction and within the nutrients production industries.

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Low water job (aw) and dried meals reminiscent of dried dairy and meat items, grain-based and dried ready-to-eat cereal items, powdered child formulation, peanut and nut pastes, in addition to flours and nutrition have more and more been linked to product recollects and foodborne outbreaks as a result of illness through pathogens equivalent to Salmonella spp.

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Those with more than 25% of their The effects of deregulation and competition in fi- loans in agricultural credits. This was far more than nancial markets have affected both the competition in any other year since the Great Depression. In among agricultural lenders and their terms of addition, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporacredit. Rural ag-banks used to be insulated from in- tion rated more than 1100 banks as "problem" terest rate risk. Half to two-thirds of its funding banks based on its assessment of their capital, came from time deposits with low and stable in- assets, management, earnings, and liquidity terest costs, and the remaining one-third to one-half (CAMEL rating).

The trend toward greater reliance on science-based discoveries, the so-called "fusion of technology and science," has been pervasive and is expected to continue and even accelerate in the future. Total productivity growth in farm production was slow and erratic between 1880 and 1940. But between 1940 and 1981 total productivity more than doubled (Table 2). A major change in the mix of inputs has occurred. For example, farm labor declined by 78% between 1940 and 1980, and the index of labor productivity rose almost tenfold.

There is concern that these productivity rates may not continue because of a pronounced real drop in public research funding which has generated so much past farm and food sector productivity. 3% per year) than of the much higher rates realized since 1950. A greatly different picture emerges in productivity trends for the food processing and distribution sector. Recent analyses show that total productivity in food processing and distribution was almost constant between 1950 and 1972 and declined significantly between 1972 and 1977 (Table 3).

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