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By Wilbur A. Smith

Hazel Bannock is the inheritor to the Bannock Oil Corp, one of many significant oil manufacturers with worldwide achieve. whereas cruising within the Indian Ocean, Hazel's inner most yacht is hijacked by way of African Muslim pirates. Hazel isn't on board on the time, yet her nineteen yr outdated daughter, Cayla, is abducted and held to ransom. The pirates call for a crippling twenty billion greenback ransom for her release.

Complicated political and diplomatic issues render the key powers incapable of intervening. whilst Hazel is given facts of the bad torture which Cayla is being subjected to, she calls on Hector pass to assist her rescue her daughter.

Hector is the landlord and operator of move Bow safeguard, the corporate that is gotten smaller to Bannock Oil to supply all their safeguard. he's a powerful battling guy. among them Hazel and Hector are made up our minds to take the legislation into their very own palms.

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We hear him begin to hit her, and we see him run across the monitor screen to reload the gun. Another blast, more scream­ ing, and more shouts of "quiet! " (He also says "bitte, bitte"-please, please-which would seem to indicate that he is panicking and thus not totally culpable of cold-blooded murder. ) He runs across the monitor and reloads yet again, with the girl's sobs and cries continuing, until a third loud bang suddenly stops all noise, and we know, through the sound alone (or, rather, its complete absence) that she is dead.

As long as the sound has such a powerful, manipulative effect on us, as the director puts it, is it still possible to maintain that the violence in Haneke's films is always "offscreen" and therefore "nonexploitative"? A definitive answer to this question is im­ possible, but it's clear that sound constitutes much more than an "in­ citement to the imagination," for it too is a representation-in fact, it is a kind of "immediate" representation (in semiotic terms, an indexical rather than a conventional sign-and an extremely powerful one) that doesn't rely on codes or signs as much as visual images do .

So is Benny truly culpable, or was it merely an accident, and he simply panicked? In short, why did he do it? ' In this case, [any] answer is only there to reassure and to calm the viewer. To say, 'His mommy didn't love her little boy enough,' is ridiculous . That's not it. " In an apparent desire for some form of spiritual or perhaps merely physical purgation, Benny takes off every bit of his clothing and con­ tinues to clean up the girl's blood. The camera cuts, without narrative motivation, to the high-art images along the dining room wall and then, possibly implying a link, back to Benny, who discovers a smear of blood on his naked side, in the exact spot that traditional Christian iconog­ raphy shows the spear wound on Christ's crucified body.

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