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By Zev Levin, William R. Cotton

This publication studies present wisdom at the dating among aerosols and precipitation achieving the Earth's floor. It features a record of concepts that can support to farther develop wisdom during this area.

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2 even small cumuli that produce precipitation that evaporates in the sub-cloud layer can form a cold pool. The chilled air is denser than surrounding air and spreads out beneath the cloud where it can lift the surrounding air sometimes enough to generate new cloud cells. In some cases neighboring precipitating clouds can produce cool outflows that run into each other and cause lifting of the air leading to the merger of the neighboring clouds (Fig. 3). The merged cloud cell is often wider and deeper than the parent clouds and is more likely to produce rain.

4), sedimentation, breakup, and advection can greatly influence the concentrations of ice particles. 3) allows for both horizontal and vertical variations in IN. Because the aerosol contributing to IN are large and large aerosol generally decrease with height (Georgi and Kleinjung 1968; DeMott et al. 2003b), we expect that IN concentrations generally decrease with height as well. 2 Principles of Cloud and Precipitation Formation 31 One should not therefore be surprised that many observations of ice particle concentrations do not show a good correlation with temperature (Gultepe et al.

Barrie et al. sociological, environmental and health impacts. It is recommended that WMO/ IUGG, together with other UN, international and national organizations, participate in designing field studies such as the following:  Indian subcontinent: document changes in precipitation in an evolving industrial economy dominated by the Indian Monsoon  China: document changes in precipitation in an evolving industrial economy  Amazonia: a history of biomass burning in Amazonia with simultaneous research studies  Influence of Saharan Dust and biomass burning on the African monsoon  Atlantic tropical storms development: testing the effects on storm development and the accompanying effects on precipitation  Volcanic eruptions: investigate the massive perturbations of climate and general circulation through aerosols.

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