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By Gary Bristow

* A accomplished examine advisor offering pilots the solutions they should excel on their technical interview
* positive factors approximately a thousand capability questions (and solutions) that could be requested in the course of the technical interview for pilot positions
* large scope--ranges from mild plane via heavy jet operations
* Culled from interviewing practices of best airways around the globe
* comprises interviewing guidance and methods

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This is beneficial to the aircraft's overall performance because it increases the aircraft's overall lift capabilities, whereas a forward center of gravity has a detrimental effect on the aircraft's performance. However, a few aircraft with a nose-down en route attitude would require a forward center of gravity position. How does a forward center of gravity affect the stall speed, and why? A center of gTavity forward of the center of pressure will cause a higher stall speed. This is so because a forward center of gTavity would cause a natural nose-down attitude below the required en route cruise attitude for best performance.

Aileron control therefore is employed because the roll cycle is of sufficient duration to allow the pilot to apply the correct opposite aileron control. A severe Dutch roll may require two or three aileron inputs to dampen the oscillation gradually. What prevents Dutch roll? Yaw dampers prevent Dutch roll on swept-wing aircraft. A basic reason for the Dutch-rolling tendency of an aircraft (apart from the wing sweep, of course) is the lack of effective fin and rudder area to stop it. The smaller fin and rudder area is a design compromise that makes the aircraft spirally stable to a degree.

What is lateral stability? Lateral stability is the tendency for an aircraft to return to a laterally level position around the longitudinal axis on release of the ailerons in a sideslip. There are two principal features that make an aircraft naturally laterally stable, namely, 1. Wing dihedral. The airflow due to a sideslip causes an increase in the angle of attack (lift) on the lower (leading) wing and a decrease in angle of attack on the raised wing because of the dihedral angle. The lower wing thus produces an increase in lift because of the increased angle of attack, and the raised wing produces less lift.

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