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For example: 14 PLUTARCH: Solon 64b,d-77a,c means that the work cited begins in the lower half of page 64 and ends in the upper half of page 77. Footnotes or notes are sometimes specifically cited by themselves in the references, in tion which case the page sections given correspond to their loca- on the pages referred cited, the referred to. When a footnote or a note is not specifically page sections given mark the beginning and the end of the text to. The reader expected to consult the footnotes or notes indi- is cated in the body of that text.

BOOK, DEFINITION, PROPOSITION Introduction to Arithmetic Nature of Things 12 PROPOSITION > 2fa-c. ) Conic Sections NlCOMACHUS OF GflRASA Arithmetic 12 (c. BOOK, POSTULATE, PROPOSITION On the Nature BOOK, Line of Things 6o-c. ) The Eclogues The Georgics The Aeneid BOOK, SECTION Number of Eclogue, Line Number of Georgic, Line BOOK, Line REFERENCE STYLE lume Number, Author, and PLUTARCH (c. xliii Author** Divisions Cited Title 46-^. ) [The Lives of the Noble Grecians and Romans} Theseus Cimon Romulus Lucullus Romulus and Romulus-Theseus Theseus Compared Lucullus Compared Nicias Lycurgus Numa Cimon and Cimon-Lucullus Crassus Pompihus Lycurgus and Lycurgus-Numa Numa Compared Crassus Crassus -Nicias and Nicias Compared Sertonus Solon Eumenes Poplicola Pophcola and Poplicola- Solon Solon Compared Eumenes and Eumenes-Sertorius Sertonus Compared Themistocles Agesilaus Camtllus Pompey Pericles Agesilaus-Pompey Fabius Agesilaus and Pompey Compared Fabius-Periclcs Pericles Fabius and Alexander Caesar Compared Phocion Alcibiades Cato the Younger Conolanus Alcibiades Alcibiades -Coriolanus and Conolanus Compared Agis Cleomenes Timokon Aemihus Paulus Caius Gracchus Aemihus Paulus-Timoleon Cams and Tiberius Gracchus Tiberius Gracchus- Agis Aemilius Paulus and Timoleon and Cleomenes Caius and Compared Tiberius Gracchus and Agis and Cleomenes Compared Pelopidas Demosthenes Marcellus Marcellus-Pelopidas Marcellus and Pelopidas Compared Cicero Demosthenes- Cicero and Anstides Marcus Cato Cicero Demetrius Anstides-Marcus Cato Anstides and Marcus Cato Compared Philopoemen Flamininus Antony Antony-Demetrius Antony and Demetrius Compared Dion Flamininus-Philopoemen Flamininus and Philopoemen Marcus Brutus Brutus-Dion Pyrrhus Aratus Caius Marius Artaxerxes Lysander Galba Otho Sulla Sulla Compared Brutus and Dion Conipared Compared Lysander-Sutta Demosthenes Compared Lysander and THE GREAT IDEAS xliv Volume 'Number, Author, and 15 TACITUS, P.

For example: OLD TESTAMENT: 43 MILL: Semi-Colon: more Exodus, 33:12-23 /Job, 11:7-9 Liberty, When 302d-303a / Representative Government, 327b,d-332d a series of references includes the citation of passages in the same work, a semi-colon is two or used to separate the refer- ences to these passages. For example: OLD TESTAMENT : Genesis, 1:12-14; 9:1-11 38 ROUSSEAU: Social Contract, BK n, 403a-404a; 405d-406a 46 HEGEL: Philosophy of History, PART n, 265c-266a; PART Comma: When a comma separates the title iv, 346c-348a of a work, or an author's which follow, passages division of a work, from the page only a part of the whole work or of the author's division indicated.

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