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By Dave Goulson

One man's quest to save lots of the bumblebee.
Dave Goulson has consistently been enthusiastic about flora and fauna, from his formative years menagerie of unique pets and dabbling in experimental taxidermy to his groundbreaking examine into the mysterious methods of the bumblebee and his venture to guard our rarest bees.
Once generally present in the marshes of Kent, the short-haired bumblebee now in simple terms exists within the wilds of recent Zealand, the descendants of some queen bees shipped over within the 19th century. Dave Goulson's passionate force to reintroduce it to its fatherland is likely one of the highlights of a booklet that comes with specific examine into those curious creatures, history's dating with the bumblebee and recommendation on easy methods to shield it forever.
One of the UK's most precious conservationists and the founding father of the Bumblebee Conservation belief, Goulson combines Gerald Durrell-esque stories of a child's starting to be ardour for nature with a deep perception into the the most important value of the bumblebee. He information the trivialities of existence of their nests, sharing interesting learn into the results extensive farming has had on our bee populations and at the capability risks if we're to proceed down this course.

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