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By Alan Weisman, Richard Mabey, Rick Bass, Helen Caldicott, Michelle Benjamin

David Suzuki's lifelong paintings as an environmentalist, naturalist, and scientist have encouraged numerous others of their struggle to save lots of the planet, 20 such devotees of them have contributed to this inspiring assortment. those newshounds, scientists, writers and environmentalists have taken their enthusiasm for Suzuki's philosophy and funneled it into their very own own memories, manifestos, and essays: Rick Bass describes his love for the Yaak Valley in Montana; Richard Mabey takes readers to a moonlit might night in Suffolk; David Helvarg tells united states stirring beach reminiscence from his adolescence. it doesn't matter what trip those writers take us on, the unifying subject matter in their paintings is usually an analogous: a deep and abiding love of nature — encouraged and shared through David Suzuki.

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20 tourism is not the answer for this ragged place. The group with which I’ve started volunteering, the Yaak Valley Forest Council, has been working for the last many years to get some small timber sales of dead and dying trees, using existing road systems to access those sales, with those trees set aside for the handful of loggers who still live in the valley, and to give the local small-mill owners first-right-of-refusal on those logs. This step won’t change the world. It won’t save that culture.

Their nests are among the most inaccessible in the world. Some species nest on cliff faces behind waterfalls; others nest deep in caves, where men routinely die or are injured while climbing to collect nests for the famed bird’s nest soup concocted from these lumps of congealed swift spittle. In the case of the lesser swallow-tailed swift, it is romance that drives the men up tall trees. ” But who needs a witch? indd 32 4/17/08 3:42:28 PM A dr ian For s y th had keen powers of observation. Such a fellow would have to be a hell of a tree climber, and to be rather brave, for a Carapa tree does not offer easy access.

I made my decision, even though I suspected the news of yet another significant place in peril might bring onlookers whose ephemeral visits could occasionally, like a brief rainstorm, compromise the peace of the hermits such as myself and the grizzlies, the wolves. (There aren’t many trails in the Yaak, and fewer vistas, in these dense woods; as far as human recreation goes, a beer at the tavern, or a beer at the Dirty Shame, about covers it).  Tourists? It’s not a beautiful valley, really, to many visitors: it’s dark and rainy and snowy and spooky.

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