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By Craig Shaw Gardner

The realization to the paranormal Ebenezum trilogy. "Gardener skewers all of the cliches of quest-fantasy with wit, variety, mordant irony and nice glee-this sequence might have been serialized in nationwide Lampoon or filmed by means of one of many Pythons!" (Spider Robinson)

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Without this last event, there is still hope. Perhaps Vushta can still be saved. Perhaps all of the city's inhabitants will not be cursed to eternal, unspeakable damnation, the true extent of which is probably beyond human imagining. If this final catastrophe does not occur, we can still hold onto a thin ray of hope that perhaps the great city, with all its learning, its diverse people, its thousand forbidden delights, might yet be rescued. But, should this event occur . " Snorphosio's voice dropped away, as if the final consequences might be too horrible to even say aloud.

He pounded Snorphosio heartily upon the back. Snorpho-sio almost fell down the hill. " the wizard called to me. "Hurry the others! We must enter East Vushta with all haste! " I knew my master would think of something! We had come too far on our journey, overcome too many perils. A simple vanished city was not enough to stop someone of Ebenezum's skill and resourcefulness. I ran down the hill to join the mage. So the Netherhells had swallowed Vushta! We would reach down and pull it back to its rightful place, out there amidst the sand.

Peter Heck, Newsday "There are few fantasy writers possessing anything approaching genuine wit. " —Robert Asprin, author of the MYTH series Don't miss the first volumes of THE EBENEZUM TRILOGY by Craig Shaw Gardner: A MALADY OF MAGICKS A MULTITUDE OF MONSTERS Ace Books by Craig Shaw Gardner The Ebenezum Trilogy A MALADY OF MAGICKS A MULTITUDE OF MONSTERS A NIGHT IN THE NETHERHELLS A DIFFICULTY WITH DWARVES AN EXCESS OF ENCHANTMENTS A DISAGREEMENT WITH DEATH (coming in February 1989) Craig Shaw Gardner ACE BOOKS, NEW YORK ACKNOWLEDGMENTS This book is an Ace original edition, and has never been previously published.

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