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Afterwards, facing the flashing bulbs again, Dana no longer had to put on any conscious act. She was a married woman now, able to face the world on any level. It felt good. She had thought Mark might kiss her when they were in the car, but he made no attempt. He looked superb in the pale grey morning suit. She could still scarcely credit that he was her husband. ' she asked softly, sliding a hand under his. Relieved it's over,' he admitted. The blue eyes moved over her face, then down the long, smooth line of her neck to the point of her standaway collar, expression veiled.

Rain was falling when they went outside to the car, the wind already rising. Huddled in her seat as they drove along the dark, wet roads, Dana wished herself anywhere but this place, this time. Yet would have anything changed a month from now? She doubted it. Nothing could change while Mark's father was alive, and one could hardly wish him dead. They ate an indifferent meal in a sparsely occupied restaurant served by a solitary waiter who looked as if he would far rather be hibernating along with the rest of the island.

There are two bedrooms upstairs. ' Realisation came to her suddenly, bringing a surge of relief because this was something she could handle. ' she said. 'You really believe I'm not ready to be a proper wife to you yet. ' She was smiling, eager to convince him. 'I'm not afraid of the physical side of marriage. ' There was a tilt to his mouth. 'And where did you get this knowledge from? ' 'Partly. We had some sex education at school. ' Her voice trailed away before the expression in his eyes. 'So life holds no surprises.

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