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By David G. Myers

A pleasant Letter to Skeptics and Atheists is helping readers—both secular and religious—appreciate their universal floor. For these whose pondering has moved from the non secular thesis to the skeptical antithesis (or vice versa), Myers bargains tips to a science-respecting Christian synthesis. He indicates how skeptics and other people of religion can proportion a dedication to cause, facts, and important considering, whereas additionally embracing a religion that helps human flourishing—by making feel of the universe, giving desiring to existence, connecting us in supportive groups, mandating altruism, and supplying wish within the face of adversity and dying.

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2. Even for those who believe that God intervenes in response to our prayers, there are practical reasons for expecting null effects: • The “noise” factor: Given that 95 percent of Americans express belief in God, all patients undergoing cardiac bypass surgery will already be receiving prayer—by spouses, children, siblings, friends, colleagues, and fellow believers, and congregants—if not offering them themselves. Are these fervent prayers a mere “noise factor” above which the signal of additional prayers may rouse God?

The balance between the energy of expansion and the braking power of gravitation had to be extraordinarily exact—to such a degree that it seems as if the universe must have been expressly designed for life. ” So what shall we make of this? Were we just extraordinarily, incomprehensibly lucky? The utter improbability of our biofriendly universe makes that an unsatisfying answer. One alternative to the religious idea of a creative benevolent power is the conjecture that ours is but one of an infinite number of spawned universes— that rarest of universes that just happens to have all the precise physical constants needed for biofriendliness.

We are not ghosts (or souls) in machines but unified mind-brain systems. Longing for a nonmaterial spiritual dimension, some people look to out-of-body extrasensory perception—to reports of people predicting the future, reading others’ minds, or discerning events at remote locations. Alas, no greedy—or charitable—psychic has been able to predict the outcome of a lottery jackpot or to make billions on the stock market. The search for a valid and reliable test of ESP has resulted in thousands of experiments.

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