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It was a clear evening on Saturday, and Father asked the children to find Orion in the sky during their walk. Orion's belt was very clearly seen, and the children quickly spotted the constellation. Then they found the tiny dipper in the 68 69 The constellation Orion ’'Ηλιος Ρ. Taurus constellation. Their Father said that astronomers called the stars which made up the dipper the Pleiades. Not far from the Pleiades was a brilliant red star with a difficult name Aldebaran — the bloodshot eye of the fierce bull.

I felt poorly and was grateful to the kind and modest Queen Cassiopeia who sent her Ugly daughter Andromeda for some water. The princess went out of the palace, took a big dipper and filled it with some water from an ocean on the Moon. I drank all the water and felt better. King Cepheus himself showed me the main highway in the sky which can be seen even from the Earth. It passes through the whole sky and is called the Milky Way because Cepheus' servants pour milk over it every night. "It's not very easy to walk on it because it's very slippery.

Still others are red like Aldebaran. " THE SOLAR SYSTEM The purpose of this section is to give children an idea of the Solar System, the planets and their satellites. The planets do not emit their own light but are seen in the sky only because they are lit up by the Sun. At first glance, the planets look like bright stars, but upon closer examination, it can be noticed that the planets do not twinkle like the stars, and through field glasses you can see that they are not points but small discs.

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