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18 Wolfgang Schoefberger et al. 44 Problems may arise from the dispersive contributions to the line shapes and preclude its use for analysis of moderate to complex multiplet structures. 47 for psHMBC. 2. 10,49 The HSQC pulse sequence is the fundamental building block. The INEPT transfer produces single-quantum anti-phase coherence on the heteronuclei. This approach effectively removes homonuclear coupling evolution during t1. A trim pulse is used (prior to transfer of magnetization to the X nuclei) to help diphase any unwanted magnetization and to aid with the suppression of H2O.

Reprinted with permission from Ref. 66. 7. 71–74 Proton-detected experiments have provided a tremendous advantage in this field, but the complex splitting pattern and mixed phase of HMBC cross-peaks also required considerable efforts to develop methods that allow or facilitate the extraction of accurate heteronuclear coupling constants from HMBC-type spectra. Usually, they are used in conjunction with fitting procedures. 7 Chemical shift (ppm) Figure 22 Selected f2 slices from 2D maps of HMBC and J-compensated HMBC experiments with sodium acrylate.

Broadband HMBC In broadband HMBC experiments,35 one avoids the problems of co-evolution and modulations during an accordion-type delay by using a small set of numerically optimized, to obtain a series of spectra, which are linearly combined, a posteriori. This approach is more economical in the use of spectrometer time than a ‘bruteforce’ accordion setup. If the data are stored separately at acquisition, different linear combinations of the data allow one to control the bandwidth of the longrange correlations and of the low-pass J-filtering at processing time, independently.

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