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By J. Abegglen

Japan's economic system and companies are coming into this century with new administration structures yet their values unchanged. Drawing at the author's research of the Fifties, monetary structures, group of workers administration equipment, function of the company and R&D services are re-assessed to supply a complete research of Japan's monetary and commercial alterations.

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Total nearly ¥1 trillion. This indicates that we used to compete internally, rather than with other firms, to attract customers,” said CEO Kunio Nakamura, who has designed and led the reorganization of the company’s worldwide operations. Matsushita’s great rival, Sony, however came relatively late to the restructuring process, its underlying problems in the electronics business 30 21st-Century Japanese Management hidden from view for some time perhaps by the high earlier profitability of its home entertainment business, the Play Station.

Somewhere in all this NSC even established a retail catalogue division for mail order sale of sundries. Urban development and building construction businesses followed in establishment. In short, NSC (and its fellow integrated steel producers) indulged in an orgy of diversification – not in fact unlike the disastrous course of the major electronics companies. Redesign for a Competitive Future 43 Before evaluating the consequences of diversification from steel in the late 1980s, it is useful to look first at the steel business itself over the years.

Following the resignation of Sekimoto, there was a brief interregnum, with an emerging consensus that drastic reorganization and redirection was required. To that end Koji Nishigaki, an economics major who was managing the systems-based solutions business, became president in 1999. The redesign of NEC began with a vengeance. The goals of the company were defined as that of becoming an IT-driven solutions provider, with broadband and mobile Internet operations the core strategic business areas. Internet-related fields were stated to be the key to NEC’s sustained growth.

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