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A thousand photographs for academics to repeat [Jan 01, 1985] Wright, Andrew ...

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Initially self-published, this number of creativity workouts introduces the time period ''metaphorming. '' Siler, an artist and scientist who develops multimedia studying fabrics and leads creativity seminars, explains the idea that as ''a mixture of many tactics of connection-making. '' utilizing the acronym ''C.

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X a a a ! qR@@€re a a ': ! : ! Here are two more. There are many more in the section on settings. / j I ! : : : ': \. - scenesand objects - Of course, when you draw something'flat on', without perspective,you must still make decisions. You must decide which view to take. Some objectsare easierto recognise from the front, some from the side. :::-- -:* _=- Televisions are most easily recognised from the front. Chairs are most easilyrecognisedfrom the side. < _t-j-- c eol |-=--rI lr----r I L- -j- F+ '1, -- How to draw specialeffects * shaking d"F =f \r-- 1 5 ,?

E Displays can be as ordered or as chaotic as you wish. F Underlying two column design gives order to an informal display. G An example of really beginning to plav with shapes and composition. Suitable perhaps for a poster. -t -- 35 2 Settings When people say they cannot draw they often mean they cannot draw things in perspective. Indeed, it is often clearernot to use perspectiveand it is certainlymuch fasterOn page 37 I have drawn one of the pictures of the street in perspective in order to demonstrate that there is no particular gain.

Settings Hospital and doctor's waiting room < :-:--. ,-. - =--"------- i-- -----. - --L- b: L: bb-= L--- ,E- t- t- 50 F'z Settings Classroomand police station 1 '- = -= a : : '= u_ -li - a a a 4 4 1 51 Settings Library and museum *--: --__>F. l- a--=. L-_ L-= >>-- -L- tr-L- t-ELE: L. - Settings Art galleryand cinema -: : : -1 ':: -: --: -_ : '= -1 4 a a t 'a I 53 I t 3 Topics, behaviout, notions L=E}-a- How to draw 1-: In order to copy these drawings you will have to make judgements about angles and proportions.

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